Hair Loss options for Women NY

Hair Loss Options for Women in New York

There are many causes of Hair Loss, from stress to chemotherapy, but 90 percent of hair loss is genetic most women need solutions for the long term.  Medications tend not to work for hair loss in women.

This is what happens when you don’t go to the right salon or right specialist when you opt for hair loss treatment

There are a number of shocks that are known to cause Women’s Hair Loss. They include:

  • sudden hormone change (usually a drop in hormone levels)
  • After the birth of a baby ( delivery of the placenta causes the levels of pregnancy hormones to plummet)
  • Discontinuing birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy
  • High fever
  • Acute trauma (surgery, physical injury or psychological trauma)
  • Severe dieting ( inadequate protein and iron intake)
  • Underactive or overactive thyroid
  • Diseases such as diabetes and lupus
  • Chemotherapy
  • Medications: These include retinoids, blood pressure medication, anti-depressants, certain birth control pills and even NSAID’s (including Ibuprofen)
  • Burns or radiation therapy

Can dyes, hair treatment, or certain hairstyles cause hair loss?
Pulling the hair tightly in a ponytail and the repeated traction used for hair extensions and tight braiding can cause some hair loss, especially in the temple area. This is called traction alopecia. If not corrected, the hair follicle may be permanently damaged. Chemicals that dye, bleach, straighten or perm the hair can also cause the shaft to break off, but once the chemical insult has stopped, the root portion should grow back.

NYC Women hair loss treatment for women, such as laser hair growth and hair loss products offers full range of hair loss options to cover your hair loss, serving the NY area. People will need to do something to cover the hair loss, until new hair can be grown. Hair growth takes place in an average of ½ and inch a month, so it takes one year to grow on average 6 inches of hair. So for that year, Patricia hair loss salon NY offers different hair loss solutions. We offer over ten different women’s hair replacement techniques. That is said for all of the above hair loss causes, hair extensions can be used in place of Women hair replacement or in combination.

Medicine tends not to work.  Surgery gets very expensive, and doesn’t work well.  So then what is the solution for Hair Loss?  Patricia’s Hair Salon offer something that you can use to cover the women’s Hair Loss, to make the Hair Loss not noticeable.

Patricia’s Female Hair Loss Salon are experts in these techniques.  They have over TEN Different Women’s Hair Loss solutions to use  that will work wonders for you.  They are located in Astoria, Queens, NYC in New York, NY and serve the New York, NYC, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Westchester areas.

Best thing to do is call them, and get a free Hair Loss Consultation, and they will go over your Hair Loss options that match your hair type, texture, and goals, and something that will fit your budget. So if you are looking for hair loss options in women in New York, hair loss options, solutions  in New Jersey, or Hair Loss options in women in NYC, NY, Manhattan, visit Patricia’s Hair Salon today!