Female Hair Loss

The gynecological system of females is a complicated cycle. It is also a strong segment as it can withstand so many changes and influences right from puberty to menopause. Though all kinds of hair loss are not related to hormones, a large extent of female related hair loss is owing to these imbalances. Polycystic ovary is again a case that has a great deal to do with pimples, sensitive skin, mood swings and hair fall. The treatment or surgical method use takes time to heal and here hair fall is controllable but a very long process.

Alopecia is a severe condition also effecting school going children. The scalp is badly affected and treatment is definitely available. This requires a lot of patience but hair fall goes in patches exposing the scalp. Use of cotton scarf is advised for public appearance and believing in the treatment is the best way to solve the problem. Long term medications often results in frizzy hair and hair loss. The root cause of the disease has to be tackled and hence the medication may seem apt. But here again external hair massage and mineral supplementation will control the hair loss.


Chemotherapy often results in hair loss. The anti cancer drugs are also strong to cause hair thinning. Painkillers also result in hair loss if habitual. The biggest cause of female hair loss is silent stress. A homemaker faces a lot of stress in her daily duties and thereby ignoring the initial hair thinning results in exposing the scalp. Regular CBC count to check for anemia is essential as many times this is the cause of female hair loss.

Calcium deficiency results in many problems like osteoporosis, fragile bones, dental decay and hair loss. Auto correction can happen by eating calcium rich foods though a doctor may suggest supplementing the diet with pills. Dermatitis reaching the scalp also causes hair fall. Dandruff is also related to stress or weather conditions. Hygiene places an important role to evade dandruff.

Female hair loss is often related to cosmetic treatment. Vanity items like hair colors are also harmful to the eye and skin. Rashes on the scalp often results in skin peeling near the forehead and this may cause severe damage to the follicles. Shampoos need to suit the hair type. Conditioners are required even in tropical climates. Use of wigs, extensions, braiding, ironing, perming and styling pulls the roots of the hair and minimizing the same is important to avoid hair loss.